Interesting technical news

Interesting technical news

Interesting technical news 1024 785 FERMAT Machine Tool

Thanks to our more than 40 years of experience in the field of grinding machines, our customers can choose from a rich model range of grinders, whose parameters easily meet their most demanding expectations. Quality, reliability, precision, precision machining, beautiful design and much more are offered by grinding machines from our workshop. Our vision is to keep moving forward and constantly improve the machines, which of course is greatly helped by our customers. We would like to introduce to you some of our the most important technological innovations.

The most important part of the grinder is the grinding wheel head fitted with one, two or even three tools. The standard width of the grinding wheel offered is 100 mm. However, we have taken the technology further and thanks to the demands of our customers specializing in the production of railway axles, the width of the grinding wheel can reach up to 300 mm! Thanks to this, the customer can grind a much larger area with a plunge-cut grinding and thus significantly shorten the grinding technology. At the same time, the wheel can be dressed to any shape, and it is possible to use, for example, contour incline plunge-cut grinding. To dress the grinding wheel, a dresser on the tailstock is used as standard. But even here we wanted to move the machines a little further and our design proposed a separate dresser moving independently in multiple axes. It is located at the back through the cover of the grinding wheel in its rear part, so it doesn´t get dirty. It is an ideal helper in case of very high demands on wheel profiling. Another great helper for reducing the technological grinding time can be the Inprocess Gauge System. We started with gauges from the Italian company Balance systems, and now we also offer designs from the workshop of the major manufacturer of these accessories, the company Marposs. The gauge moves along its own gantry and checks the diameters achieved directly during or before and after grinding. The system thus immediately has up-to-date information on the given diameter, and thanks to this, the customer can also use other technological procedures during grinding and thus significantly reduce the total machining time. Furthermore, we can offer customers a grinding machine equipped with an electromechanical tailstock, i.e., a tailstock barrel stroke, which ensures a constant clamping force that can be set on the operator’s panel. The tailstock barrel stroke and its control are therefore controlled via the CNC system.

The brain of each of our grinding machines is the control system. We have come a long way in this direction as well. Through the B&R, Siemens 828 up to today’s most modern systems of Siemens 840Dsl and SINUMERIK ONE. We program all our systems ourselves, so they are opened, maximally adapted to grinding needs, have all the cycles necessary for grinding set, and we can develop and modify them depending on the specific requirements of the customer. Thanks to the latest systems, the machines can be prepared, for example, for the entry of robots and for automatic loading of the workpiece. SINUMERIK ONE is also a big news, the biggest advantage of which is the use of the machine’s digital twin. Operators can thus prepare whole technological grinding cycle on the digital twin and then send the cycle directly to the machine and vice versa.

As for the specific model ranges of our grinders, a few years ago we presented our champion in the middle weight category, the BHM grinding machine or in the automatic B-axis version, the BHMR. For this type of machine, we now offer a variant with a heavy work head, which can part held in chuck easily carry up to 500 kg compared to the original 150 kg.

We believe that you will help us move our machines forward and soon we will introduce more news from our grinding world!