Grinding machine BHMR



The BHMR universal cylindrical grinding machine with program-controlled rotation of the grinding wheel head is designed for external and internal grinding of workpieces clamped between the centers or clamped in the chuck. The feed-in of the grinding wheel head and the table are realized by servomotors and ball screws. The BHMR grinder is a very stable and precise machine that can be used in series production as well as in single-part production for workpieces up to 1 500 kg.

The machine grinds in working accuracy IT 4 and can be equipped with modern design features, including a high-precision torque ring motor for automatic B-axis with rolling bearing of the grinding spindle or hand scraping guideways with Teflon pads for minimal adhesion (stick-slip effect). In addition, the machine can be upgraded with an in-process gauge, axial probe, automatic (electric) steady rests, CNC rotary dresser, electric spindles, Z-axis encoder, etc.

The machine can be installed with SINUMERIK 840D sl, SINUMERIK ONE or FANUC control system.

The automatic swiveling of the grinding wheel head, which can be equipped with up to three tools, considerably extends the technological possibilities of the grinder. Especially the ability to grind workpieces with multiple tools in one clamping is extended.

In the special version, the machine is equipped with a C axis for precise positioning and grinding of non-circular shapes, a stiffer clamping work head or a polishing device for high surface quality. These superior features make the machine the most versatile and efficient solution on the grinding machines market.

Swing diametermm
500 (600)
19,7 (23,6)
Distance between centersmm
1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000
39,4 / 59 / 78,7 / 118,1
Max. weight of workpiecekg
Wheel head swivel°+45 / -225 (automatic)
Max. number of used toolspcs3
Grinding wheel peripheral speedm.s-110-50
Grinding wheel dimensions (dia. x width x bore)mm
Ø 500 x 80 x Ø 203
Ø 19,7 x 3,1 x Ø 8
Wheel head motor powerkW