Refurbishments and repairs of universal center grinding machines at TOS Hostivař (CETOS)

Do you have a center grinder made by formerly traditional manufacturer TOS Hostivař (CETOS)? Has it served its best years in your production yet and thus you would like to replace it? Would you also like to make use of some of its parts and at the same time get a better price for the new machine?

We have a solution for you. In addition to high-quality new grinders of our own model series, we also offer our customers refurbishments of BUB, BUC and BUT grinding machines produced by TOS Hostivař (CETOS).

Advantages of grinding machines´ refurbishments

  • use of mature and complex machined cast iron
  • significant acceleration of grinding technology
  • machine reliability increase
  • operation and maintenance costs reduction
  • high comfort and operation safety
  • possibility of retrofitting with accessories

Grinding machines equipment options

  • Software – it allows to grind even more complex pieces and shapes thanks to precise positioning of the machine and modern software
  • machine covering choice – basic covering / half- / full covering
  • X- and Z-axis linear gauging
  • grinding wheel automatic balance system
  • axial adjustment probe etc.

How does such refurbisment take place?

We will take your grinder to our production hall, where the machine will be completely dismantled and cleaned. After proper inspection, only the quality matured cast iron from this grinder will be used for refurbishment. Subsequently a bed will be machined – it will be milled, ground and lacquered. The most important process for high precision of the grinding machine is then the manual scraping of all the guidelines that are scratched according to special templates. A table machining is a subject to the same process.

A new ball screw with servomotors is then placed into the prepared universal center grinder so it can be closed with the low and top tables. Meanwhile the assembly of the individual groups is under way – a grinding wheel head, a drive headstock, and a tailstock, which are then placed on the grinding machine. At the same time, the assembly of other new integral components is in motion, such as the installation of lubricating elements and pneumatic components, the preparation of the control system and the panel, the installation of a machine covering, the supplementing of the grinding machine with a filtration station, an extractor, etc. All these components are newly produced and you thus get a new grinder built on quality mature grey cast iron.