Grinding machine BHC



The universal BHC CNC is a fully CNC controlled center grinding machine with a controlled axis X (grinding wheel head in-feed), Z (longitudinal table feed), and a controlled axis C (grinding wheel peripheral speed).

The grinding machine is designed primarily for CNC controlled grinding performed on external cylindrical surfaces of various diameters and their adjoining face areas and radiuses including automatic dressing by CNC dresser and stabilization via CNC system as well. Universal cylindrical grinding machine BHC can be additionally equipped with automatic balancing system, in-process gauge, axial probe, super finish attachment, automatic (electric) rests, XZ ruler etc.

The machine can perform a grinding with longitudinal feed and a moving table, a plunge-cut grinding with a fixed or oscillating table, a grinding in the cycle of plunge-cut and longitudinal grinding with a follow up longitudinal regrinding. The cylindrical or conical surfaces may be ground in the centers. More complex surfaces may be ground by linear and circular interpolation.

The grinding wheel head feed-in and the table carriage are performed by servomotors and ball screws. The BHC center grinding machine represents a very stable and accurate machine that can be used in a series production as well as in a single-part production for workpieces of a total weigh up to 4 000 kg, optionally up to 5 000 kg (in Heavy Duty – HD version).

Swing diametermm
630 / 850 / 1000 / 1200
24,8 / 33,5 / 39,2 / 47,3
Distance between centersmm
2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000
78,7 / 118,1 / 157,5 / 196,8 / 236,2
Max. weight of workpiecekg
4000 / 5000*
8800 / 11000*
Wheel head swivel°+30 / -30 (manual)
Max. number of used toolspcs1+1
Grinding wheel peripheral speedm.s-110-50
Grinding wheel dimensions (dia. x width x bore)mm
Ø 750 x 100 x Ø 305
Ø 29,5 x 3,9 x Ø 12
Wheel head motor powerkW

*HD version

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