The size that fits your production exactly and almost immediately!

The size that fits your production exactly and almost immediately!

The size that fits your production exactly and almost immediately! 1024 575 FERMAT Machine Tool

We would like to plan the production down to the last detail and have a given number of machines in their exact specification every year and a maximum and precisely scheduled work every month. But you know it. Unfortunately, customers do not always buy exactly at the moment when we need it the most, and on the contrary, in another month, orders come in immediately. And so, we sometimes find a small-time gap in our production. And what kind of company would we be if we didn’t make good use of it and put some stock machine into production.

It is mostly a BUB E-type grinder, as we recently called it in one of our posts – a staple of our production program! It is a very popular, smaller, simple, but highly productive machine among customers. But this time it was the turn of a variant of this grinder, which is not seen so often! We are now preparing the BUB E grinding machine for you in a dimension of 3000 mm between the centers! Specifically, it is a BUB E 50/3000 CNC.

On the BUB E 50/3000 CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine, it is possible to grind pieces with a maximum diameter of up to 500 mm, a length of up to 3000 mm and a maximum weight of 500 kg. We will equip this grinding machine for you with a Siemens 828D sl control system, which you have from us at the factory, as with all our machines, preset to program cycles for longitudinal grinding, plunge-cut grinding, multi plunge-cut, cone grinding, convex/concave, automatic grinding wheel dressing and other programs, such as internal grinding, axial positioning probe, etc., if the grinder is equipped with this accessory. In this case, the storage of the spindle is rolling, so it will allow grinders to continuously regulate the peripheral speed of the grinding wheel in the range of 10 – 50 m/s. The grinder is fully covered and equipped with mist extraction from the working area, which is supplied to us by the British company FilterMist, and it is the most powerful extraction series of this manufacturer. It also includes two-stage filtration from the workshop of the Czech manufacturer ASTOS Machinery, equipped with a magnetic separator and a paper filter. It goes without saying that we also provide great services, which our customers are already used to. Transport and installation of equipment, high-quality operator training and top service!

We are now working hard on the grinder and we expect it to be ready for you in May of this year at the latest. Move your production a step further and write for an offer for this great, highly precise and reliable Cylindrical Grinding machine, which you can have extremely soon!