The Customer is Always Right! New cylindrical grinder BHCR 63/3000 for Bonatrans!

The Customer is Always Right!

The Customer is Always Right! 1024 768 FERMAT Machine Tool

Another BHCR cylindrical grinder with dimensions of 63/3000 is going to our outstanding Czech customer. We always do our best to meet our customer`s requirements and build a grinder exactly fitting their specific needs. In case of Bonatrans Company, where six of our machines grind already, it wasn`t any different.

Specific setting of the BHCR 63/3000

The spindle of the grinding wheel head has undergone a very specific and design demanding modification. The BHCR grinding spindle is standardly fitted with a 100mm-wide grinding wheel. In view of the fact that the customer needs to maximize the production process speed, we have equipped the grinder with a 210mm-wide grinding wheel. Another element for speeding up the grinding process is the absolute gauge system checking the achieved diameters during and after grinding. This significantly saves the measurement time for after-grinding check and for any potential corrections. Furthermore, we have satisfied the customer`s requirement by replacing the hydraulic tailstock, which is typically used for this type of grinding machine, with an electromechanical one.

A matter of course for this type of grinding machine is the automatic balance system of a grinding wheel and a full and complete covering of the machine. The covered machine is equipped with a stronger ventilation system to remove fumes from the working area.

Owing to our customers` ever-increasing demands for design of our universal center grinding machines, thus we as manufacturers can move further and we are very happy and thankful for any such opportunity to fulfil our customer`s wish for all it is worth. We are sure that another our grinding machine in Bonatrans`s production premises will serve them greatly and help them to cut the overall grinding time shorter again.