Anniversary - we have celebrated 10 years since FERMAT Machine Tool was established

Anniversary – we have celebrated 10 years since FERMAT Machine Tool was established

Anniversary – we have celebrated 10 years since FERMAT Machine Tool was established 1024 680 FERMAT Machine Tool

Yes, it has been already 10 years since we started selling high-quality CNC grinding machines using the company´s name FERMAT Machine Tool, Ltd. and we deliver them to a number of our satisfied customers from all over the world. We are honoured that our machines are integral to many key industries and thus crucial for producing a whole range of machining components.

Anniversary Celebration or How Did It All Begin

We chose a picturesque village called Smilovy Hory in southern Bohemia to celebrate this significant event, which was held at the end of May. Not only pleasing surroundings, but also local people are a guarantee of joyfully spent time. That is why we like this place very much and we keep returning there.

After all participants’ arrival, there was an introductory speech uttered by company´s executive directors. They presented future steps and the direction the company is going to take in the upcoming years. Primarily they mentioned new steps in development of grinding machines, which should follow and continue with up-to-now success of current grinders. At the same time the company´s executive director Mr. Michal Bureš thanked all employees, appreciated the job they do and claimed their credit for the company´s success, since they are the key elements standing behind the attainment of the company.

Entertainment in FERMAT manner

Since the weather worked in our favour, there were several various sports and leisure activities on the programme. The biggest of them – called “The Contest for Golden FERMATman” comprising of 10 tasks – thoroughly checked the teams from both condition and knowledge sides. There was plenty of delicious food and drinks in order for competitors to gain enough power among different tasks.

After finishing all the given tasks and evaluating the results, there was time to award the teams. Each and every participant was awarded a medal to remind them of such nice moments.

The evening programme played out in a rather calm and relaxed atmosphere. Some devoted themselves to various dancing creation, some preferred sitting, talking, and reminiscence. No matter how exhausting the sports activities were, there were still some of us full of energy. Luckily there was a professional ping-pong table, so those interested in more active evening continued competing till late night.

The next morning we all headed back to Prague. 🙂

PWe strongly believe there are much more “tens” like this ahead of us and we also hope that our customers will keep on being delighted with the grinding machines we make for them.