Five meters BHC grinder in Hungary!

Five meters BHC grinder in Hungary

Five meters BHC grinder in Hungary 960 720 FERMAT Machine Tool

Do you need 5 meters between centres machine? No problem for our grinding machines! When our Hungarian customer contact us with a request to grind outer diameters on parts with a length of max. 5000 mm, the BHC 63/5000 CNC grinding machine was the clear choice. In this case, the maximum swing diameter of the ground parts is up to 630 mm, and the heaviest pieces to be ground can weigh up to 5000 kg. This high-precision universal cylindrical grinder with a beautiful design full covering with mist extractor and a total length of almost 16 meters immediately became the pride of the customer’s production.

For even higher productivity of the grinder, we also added an in-process gauge system TGA400 from Balance Systems to the machine, which measures the actual diameters achieved before, during and after grinding. The range of the Gauge System is 400 mm.  At the same time, the machine has an automatic balancing of the grinding wheel from the same company, which monitors the vibration of the grinding wheel and balances the wheel during the grinding.